Where to Download Rad

Rad is currently available on PlayStation PS4, PSVR, PS5, Android TV, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Meta Quest Labs & on Web

Rad on Web

Rad on the PlayStation and PSVR Store

Search "Rad TV" on the PlayStation store. Available for PS4, PSVR & PS5, with PSVR2 coming soon.

Note: Sony removed streaming apps from its web-based store, so you need to go onto the device itself and find the app inside the device's store, NOT on the website. Only games are listed on the PlayStation website.

Rad on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad

You can also search for "Rad TV" on the Apple App Store

Rad on Android TV (and Android Mobile coming soon)

You can also search for "Rad TV" on the Play Store.

Rad on Meta Quest

You can also search "Rad TV" on Meta Quest.

Note: Even though Rad was available from day 1 on Oculus (as Littlstar), and we helped make the device relevant at all for VR video (your welcome Meta), Meta has decided to move Rad into the "Labs" category arbitrarily, and potentially anti-competitively. Please like the app and comment that it should be in the main store!

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