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Rad is a hub for creators to distribute video content in numerous different ways. You can sell videos individually, include them in the Rad subscription, and even create an RSS feed of your existing content for Rad users to include in their channel lineup.

Rad is the industry's first platform to launch Open Edition Video NFTs backed by an entire streaming platform. (PlayStation, iOS, Apple TV, Meta Quest, Chromecast, Android TV & Web)

The launch of our Open Edition Video Portal unlocks a wide range of tools for creators.

Creators can now upload WEBM, MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, or MXF video files and distribute their content via smart contracts on Ethereum or Bitcoin SV.

Web3 and film3 are revolutionary new ways to distribute, consume, and share content online. Rad combines the power of blockchain technology with the convenience of a streaming service, allowing for a more decentralized and user-centric experience. With Web3 streaming content creators have more control over their creations and monetization and viewers can enjoy a more personalized and engaging experience.

Rad empowers creators to publish video content and attach as many wallets as they’d like for instant web3 payments. This means an entire production team can be paid when a sale happens. No more waiting months for payouts. No more Hollywood accounting eating away at your bottom line. Transparent instant payments via smart contracts.

With apps on iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, PlayStation, PSVR, Chromecast, Meta Quest, and web you can distribute content to almost every device on earth without the need for middlemen or major distribution deals.

Stand up comedians, Patreon creators, documentary producers, inde film producers, podcasters, AI video producers, artists with music videos, shorts producers - you no longer need a major streaming platform deal. If you’re a content creator looking to maximize the value and reach of your content there’s only one platform to consider. Rad.

Visit our Open Edition portal at and get started today.

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