Sell Individual Videos

AI, Web3, and Film3 content distribution via blockchain and smart contracts on Rad TV

Monetizing Video Content

You can publish video content utilizing Ethereum based smart contracts or the Bitcoin SV (Satoshi's Vision) network with support for other chains coming soon. You can sell Unlimited Editions, also called Open Editions, or you can sell Limited Editions by placing a limit on the number of videos you'd wish to sell. Note: Limited Editions are currently available on Ethereum only.

Prepare Your Content:

  • Rad supports a wide range of video file types including WEBM, MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and MXF.

  • Video files must be less than 8GB in size, and max 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution.

  • Thumbnails must be 1920x1080 or 16:9 ratio, no larger than 4MB, and JPG, PNG, or JPEG format.

Create Your Video

Visit to create your free channel and get started. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to create a channel and upload your first video.

Go to your Rad Creator Studio to get started

  1. Upload a video you want to monetize or select the edit video button on a piece of existing content.

The 'Video Details' page allows you to edit metdata and manage monetization.

Once everything looks good on this page you are ready to move on to monetization. Click the 'Next' Button at the bottom of the page.

After clicking the next button you will be taken to the monetization section of video details. (pictured below)

Sell Open Edition Video Content on BSV

For this next tutorial we are going to focus on selling your video as an Open Edition (unlimited copies) through Cryptocurrency via the Bitcoin SV Network (BSV).

Click here to learn how to sell your video through Cryptocurrency via Ethereum (ETH).

  1. Select the Monetization Option: BSV

BSV based content distribution utilizes the Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision network. Publishing content to the BSV network is free, and there are no "gas fees" associated with using the BSV option on Rad. Rad assumes these costs for users.

  • You will need a web3 wallet like HandCash that supports BSV so that you can use that wallet address accept payments in $BSV when someone purchases your content.

  • Note: With BSV-based creation, you can only publish "Open Edition" (unlimited) content. If you'd like limited editions, use the ETH Monetization Option.

  1. Download and install handcash on your mobile device (android / apple) or desktop and create a free account.

  • Open the app

  • Enter your email address and choose a strong password.

  • Follow the instructions to verify your email address. This is an important step to ensure you don’t lose access to your wallet and potentially your proceeds from sales.

  • Choose a Username and click create account

Now you have a BSV wallet! Great job!

  • Next you will need to copy your receive address

    • Open your Handcash wallet and copy the receive address

  • Now click the button shown below to copy your BSV wallet address

You are ready to mint videos on the BSV blockchain!

Let's head back to the monetizatoin page

  1. In the box that that says ‘Total Price in BSV’ enter how much BSV you want to charge. You can see the corresponding amount in United States Dollars ($USD) just below this box. For this example we have entered 0.05 BSV which is the equivalent to $4.07 at the time of this post.

  1. Enter a nickname for this wallet

  1. Enter the percentage of sales this wallet should receive. If there is only one payee - set this amount to 100. We will cover multiple wallet addresses later.

  1. Paste your BSV wallet address that we copied from the handcash app in step 2

  1. Review the information on this page and make sure there are no mistakes. This information cannot be updated or changed later.

Awesome! You have created an open edition video on the BSV network! You will be paid out immediately every time someone buys your video.

After clicking ‘Publish Video’ you will be taken back to your creator studio where you can see this video in ‘My Videos’

Let's Share Your Video!

  1. Click the ‘Preview’ button and take a look at the video’s sale page and share this video with your audience!

You will be taken to the video sale page that looks like this

You can see that this content is gated and only users that have purchased it can access the video. Users will have to buy it by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button and completing a transaction with their BSV wallet.

  1. Click the share button

  1. Select how you would like to share your video

Let's head over to your Rad TV channel.

You can do this by clicking the channel name at the bottom right.

Now click on the ‘Content Store’ tab. This tab is where you can find your Open Edition Videos.

Now you can see your video, the title, the currency and chain, and the price you are charging.

For this example you can see the gold B that indicates this piece of content is on the Bitcoin SV network and the price is set to .05 BSV.

Great job! You now know how to create and sell Open Editions with Rad on BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision)! We can’t wait to see what you create!

Sell Open and Limited Edition Videos on Ethereum

What you'll need:

● A cryptocurrency wallet that supports ethereum

● A sheet of paper and a pen

● About an hour with the room to yourself

Step 1: Get the MetaMask app

On your device, go to From there, click to get MetaMask from your device’s app store or add the browser extension. The app is free, and doesn’t require signing up or entering any personal information.

Step 2: Secure your wallet

MetaMask allows you to load a wallet you’ve made before. If you’re new to crypto, choose Create a new wallet.

After choosing a password, grab a pen, a piece of paper, and get the room to yourself. MetaMask will lead you through steps to back up your Secret Recovery Phase (seed phrase). This is very important—you’ll use these twelve words to secure/recover your crypto.

They resemble a nuclear launch code from a Bond film. Here's an example:

Step 3: Get your Ethereum wallet address

In MetaMask, there's some letters and numbers in a light blue oval:

This is your Ethereum wallet address. Here's an example:


Anyone with this wallet address can see the balance of your account, and send tokens and NFTs to you. They cannot withdraw assets. Anyone with your Secret Recovery Phrase (Step 2) has full access to both receive and send assets.

Tap the blue oval to copy your wallet address. Never tell anyone your Secret Recovery Phrase.

Step 4: Buy ETH with debit, credit, or bank account

Click the buy button in metamask and follow the steps for your region. When you complete your purchase ETH will be transferred to your account.

Now that you have ETH in your wallet you are ready to create Open and Limited Edition Videos on Ethereum!

Let's get started!

  1. Head to your Creator Studio and click the edit button on a video you would like to monetize as an Open or Limited Edition on Ethereum.

You will be taken to the Video Details page where you can manage and update the metadata and monetization.

From here you can edit your videos title, summary, thumbnail. visibility, and category. Click the 'Save' button anytime to save your progress.

  1. Once you are satisfied with how everything looks on this page click the 'Next' button to move on to the Monetization Page.

You will now be directed to the Monetization Page that looks like this

  1. Select the 'Sell Video through Cryptocurrency' option and then select the Ethereum (ETH) network.

  2. Click the 'Connect Wallet' button and connect your eth wallet

You will now see a popup that looks like this

  • If you are on desktop and are using metamask click the metamask button and follow the prompts to connect your wallet

  • If you are using Coinbase Wallet click Coinbase Wallet and follow the prompts to connect your wallet

  • If you are using a mobile wallet click Wallet Connect and select the wallet you want to connect

For this example we will be using the metamask mobile wallet and we will use Wallet Connect to connect our mobile wallet

  1. Click Wallet Connect

Once you click the 'Wallet Connect' option a QR code that looks like this will pop up on your screen

  1. Open your metamask wallet on mobile and click the scan button

This button will open the camera on your mobile device.

  1. Hold your device so that the camera can see the Wallet Connect QR code.

Once your wallet is able to see and scan the QR code you will see this pop up on your mobile device

  1. Click the 'Connect' button to connect your wallet to Rad

Now that you have successfully connected your ethereum wallet to rad you can see that reflected on the monetization page

When minting an Edition Video on Ethereum via Rad you have the option to mint directly to the default Rad Collection or you can create a new collection that is solely your own.

  1. Select the Rad Collection or Create New Collection

For this example we will mint our video to the Rad Collection so we will click 'Rad Collection'.

  1. Set your mint price

  1. Enter a nickname for your wallet: No one will see this nickname except you

  1. Paste your Ethereum Receive Address and enter the percentage that this wallet will receive.

Our platform offers the unique option of adding as many wallets as you would like. This allows entire teams to be paid instantly and transparently at the time of each sale. You simply click the '+ Wallet Address' button and allocate a percentage of sales to each additional wallet. The total allocation percentage across all wallets must be equal to 100.

  1. Confirm that everything on this page is correct before moving on. This information cannot be updated later.

  2. Click 'Publish Video'

After clicking 'Publish Video' you will need to confirm the transaction in your Ethereum wallet.

  1. Open your Ethereum wallet and confirm the transaction

After you click confirm transaction your video will be published and made available for sale. You will see a confirmation on the video monetization page.

That's it! You have completed the process to mint an Open Edition Video on the Ethereum network and your video is now available for sale in your Rad Content Store!

Open and Limited Edition purchases and viewing are web based only for now, with availability on other apps in the Rad ecosystem coming imminently. Approved Creators' content will show up across the Rad applications.

The current revenue split for video editions monetized through cryptocurrency (ETH and BSV) is 30% for Rad and 70% for creators. We are continuously evaluating costs and may adjust this rate in the future.

Have a production you want to discuss with our team? Reach out to our content team ( and let us know what you are working on and how we can help facilitate the best solution for you.

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