Sell Subscription Video

Add Your Content to Rad's Premium Subscription to Reach an Existing Audience

Approved Creators have the option to sell video through Rad's Premium Subscription.

  • The Premium Subscription pays creators on a percentage basis of the minutes watched of their content.

  • Only Rad Premium Subscribers are able to view content included in the Premium Subscription.

For example, Rad splits the monthly subscription revenue 70/30 with creators. 70% for the creators and 30% for Rad. That 70% is then split up among all Approved Creators included in the subscription based on minutes watched. If you're a creator whose content is watched 20% of the total minutes for the month, you will receive 20% of the 70% set aside each month for creators.

Of course, Approved Creators can also sell individual pieces of content at a 70/30 split (with the potential for more generous splits). This allows for capturing two types of customers. Some people might want to buy a piece of content as a one-time purchase, or they might just want to subscribe to a large library of content.

Note: Since Rad accepts credit cards and global fiat currencies (non-cryptocurrencies) for monthly subscription payments, Approved Creators including their content in the Rad Premium Subscription need to provide their business and banking details for payouts.

Become an Approved Creator

Now that you are an Approved Creator, let's add your first video to our Premium Subscription!

To get started you will need a free account and a Rad TV channel. Follow this step-by-step guide to setting up your channel and uploading your first video.

  1. Upload a video you want to monetize or select the edit button on a piece of existing content.

Clicking the edit button will take you to the 'Video Details' page where you can edit metdata and manage monetization.

You can click the 'Save' button at any time to save your work.

Once everything looks good on this page you are ready to move on to monetization.

  1. Click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the page.

After clicking the 'Next' button you will be taken to the Video Monetization page. (pictured below)

  1. Select the 'Add to Rad Subscription' option

  2. Now you can click the 'Publish Video' button

Once you have clicked 'Publish Video' your content will be available to Rad’s Premium Subscribers and you will earn revenue on a per minutes watched basis!

You're all set! This video is now monetized. Great work!

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