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Ara Project Summary

Project Summary

ARA directly connects creators and fans, enabling distribution and payment without platform fees and limits.
Content distribution, rights, and payment challenges that have existed since day one on the Internet still stand in the way between creators and fans. New distributed tools and technologies mean that it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re building Ara to let creators and fans break free of platforms that take too much value and control from both sides, and help platforms be better as a result.
Project Highlights: The Ara File Manager is a simple desktop app that contains a complete local Ara network node and wallet. Creators publish their content, set a price in the ARA token, and get a hash-based link of the mutable archive. Fans click this link, and purchase with ARA. Smart contracts automatically pay 90% or more to the creator, while rewarding up to 10% to peers who seed in distribution swarms. Full details of the software and economics are in our whitepaper.
Ara is truly decentralized: With the Ara File Manager, your machine is participating directly in peer distribution swarms and the blockchain. There are no gatekeepers, middlemen, or censorship.
Ara is 100% open source. With the Ara modules on GitHub, developers can integrate Ara into their own apps and sites, enabling their users to buy, sell, own, upload, and download content in a secure and decentralized way.
A current challenge with NFTs is longevity: While the blockchain keeps NFT metadata decentralized and permanent, NFT media content is not. Ara is well positioned to solve this problem, and the team is working on this and other NFT use cases.
Team & Partners: The core team brings together experience in media and decentralization from LimeWire, Spotify, Twitter, Amazon, and NASA. Guiding the project are advisors with leadership experience at Google, BitTorrent, Inc., The Libra Association, and ConsenSys. Business partnerships include major studios and labels like Sony, Disney, Fox, NBCU, and Warner Brothers. We integrated the ARA token into the Rad app on PlayStation.
Two CEXs have confirmed they will list ARA (one in Korea and one in the United States), and we’ve built relationships with many more. In DeFi, ARA is paired with USDC on SushiSwap. Liquidity mining on the Gysr platform is decentralizing the token.
Ara is a vibrant community of open source hackers, crypto and DeFi frens, influencers, content creators, their fans, and now, you, too! Join us in Telegram and Discord.