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White Paper

Tokenizing Video, Streaming, and the Creator Economy
Own the network and content, support creators and studios, and earn in their success.


Rad is building the first video streaming platform where you can buy ownership in NFT projects and videos directly from your favorite creators and earn royalties by supporting them.
The platform combines a full NFT marketplace and streaming service supporting large video files and XR content with gated access via NFTs, community governance and IP ownership via a DAO, and it’s all powered by an open-source decentralized developer platform open to anyone launching video, music, or gaming marketplaces.
All participants own the content outright and nobody can take it away from them, they can earn royalties and rewards from sales, resales, or peering, and they can participate in governance and direction of the platform. It simplifies the stack 100x for creators and fans, and is a combination no other video streaming or NFT platform on the planet can offer today.