Become an Approved Creator

Certain capabilities related to content being featured across devices require being an Approved Creator. Becoming an Approved Creator on Rad is easy and comes with multiple benefits.

There are two types of Creators on Rad.

  • Approved Creators

  • Private Creators

Approved Creators gain a couple of major benefits.

  • If an Approved Creator wants to Sell Individual Videos, their content will be made available across all devices Rad is on, including PlayStation, Android and iOS ecosystems, Meta Quest, and the Web.

  • Approved Creators can have their content included into Rad's Premium Subscription for even greater reach and revenue opportunity to an existing subscriber base, joining a large number of publishers already distributing content on Rad's Premium Subscription. Note: Inclusion in Rad's Premium Subscription requires providing Rad with your business and/or banking details in order to process fiat, non-cryptocurrency, payouts. Sell Subscription Video

  • Email to request approval, and send your account name on Rad, examples of your work, and a bit about yourself and your company. Note: Soon you will be able to do this on the website by adding the appropriate information.

Private Creators can still upload and sell Individual Videos, but this content will be hidden from the app discovery across devices and will not be included in the Rad Premium Subscription. We don't want to stifle creativity, but want to ensure a good user experience first and foremost.

Private Creators will still be able to access their content in their account.

The reasons for this limitation are obvious, particularly given the incorporation of Web 3 based technologies:

  • Random individuals might upload and sell a piece of content that might not fit well with the rest of the content curated on Rad. It could be unsavory or a violation of Rad's terms of service but not be flagged yet.

  • This type of content could also violate the device terms of service where Rad's apps live. Devices like PlayStation, Android, or iOS. This would include substantially NSFW content, or worse.

  • Someone might upload copyrighted content that needs to be addressed.

A note on the types of Creators Launching an Externally Hosted RSS Channel on Rad

Either Type of Creator, Approved or Private, can decide to make an external RSS feed and tell their current fans to add that RSS feed to their Rad account. In fact, you don't even need to create a Creator Account on Rad at all to create and distribute an RSS feed to Rad's apps.

This means that an external host or channel creator, like a digital magazine, vlog, or other video site that supports RSS feeds, can distribute content to Rad users privately and directly to that user's Rad account only (it won't show up anywhere on Rad's apps, the Rad website, or outside of that user's Rad account). This RSS feed totally private between the RSS publisher and Rad user, but requires a Rad Premium Subscription for a Rad user to add an external RSS feed to their account.

Read more about Launching an RSS Based Channel on Rad Here. Add External RSS Feeds to Your Library

Becoming an approved creator is a simple process, and will soon be fully automated on the website during account creation or updating.

For now, to become and approved creator, email to request approval, and send your account name on Rad, examples of your work, and a bit about yourself and your company.

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