Ways To Subscribe to Rad TV Premium

Details about the Rad TV Premium Subscription

Rad TV Premium gives viewers access to exclusive content with no ads, features like sideloading, UPnP support, and RSS, and live TV and Movie channels with and without ads.

Premium Features

FeaturesBasic PlanRad Premium

Free Live TV

Free On Demand

Cross Platform Support

Exclusive New Features

Premium Live TV

Premium On Demand

*Side Load your own Content

*Custom RSS Feed Support (Videos & Volumetric)

*UPnP Media Renderer/Casting

*USB / Hard Drive Side Loading Only available for PlayStation PS 4 and PS5 Consoles, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation VR2 is coming Soon.

*UPnP is available on PlayStation PS4 console, PlayStation VR, Android TV, Apple TV, iPhone/iPad, Android Mobile. Support for PlayStation PS5 and PlayStation VR2 are coming soon.

*Volumetric video support is iPhone only, but support coming for other devices soon.

Unlock Your Rad TV Premium Subscription

There are 3 ways to unlock a premium subscription:

  1. Traditional Recurring Debit/Credit Payment

You can subscribe to our premium offering via debit/credit cards with a monthly/yearly recurring payment ($4.99/mo if you pay monthly and $3.99/mo if you pay yearly). You can learn more and subscribe here: http://rad.live/premium

  1. Stream Pass NFT

Our Ethereum-based Stream Pass NFT allows you to purchase a Rad TV Premium Subscription as a one time, non-recurring purchase, that is also resell-able. Yes, resell-able. Purchase a Stream Pass, connect the web3 wallet that holds the Stream Pass to your Rad TV account, claim your subscription, and you have access to all Rad TV's Premium features as long as you hold your Stream Pass NFT. If at any point you find that you're not using your Stream Pass to access Rad TV, you can list it for sale on any NFT marketplace that supports Ethereum based NFTs (like OpenSea.)

For detailed instructions on how to mint a Stream Pass visit the tutorial here, or to purchase a Stream Pass and dive right in, check out the website 👉 http://rad.live/streampass or in our docs.

  1. $ARA Token Unlock

Users can unlock the Rad TV Premium Subscription by holding 100k $ARA tokens. You can purchase $ARA directly inside MetaMask and learn more about ARA rewards at http://rad.live/ara-rewards or use our step by step guide on how to get $ARA here. 👇

All of these subscription offerings unlock the same Premium Subscription. Premium status unlocks all features.

Sideloading Only License

For a very limited time we offered a sideloading license for a flat fee. This option is no longer available for purchase. Users that purchased this offering will continue to enjoy premium features as a thank you to early adopters.

Questions? Need help? Join us in discord and our team will be happy to help.

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