How to Get ARA
ARA available now on MetaMask!
It’s the easiest way to get ARA yet — all you need is your smartphone. Here’s our step-by-step guide.
TL;DR: Get the MetaMask app on your phone. Write your recovery phrase on paper. Buy or send in some ETH. Swap to ARA, contract address 0xa92e7c…ef7df5.

Step 1: Get the MetaMask app

On your phone, go to From there, click to get MetaMask from your device’s app store. The app is free, and doesn’t require signing up or entering any personal information.

Step 2: Secure your wallet

MetaMask has options to load a wallet you’ve made before. If you’re new to crypto and defi, choose Create a new wallet.
After choosing a password, there’s something else you have to do. Grab a pen, a piece of paper, and get the room to yourself. MetaMask will lead you through steps to back up your Secret Recovery Phase. This is very important — if you lose your phone or it breaks, you’ll use this piece of paper to recover your crypto.

Step 3: Get some ETH

Next, you need to get some ETH. If you’re totally new to crypto, you can buy some right in MetaMask. You may already have crypto in an exchange like Coinbase, and can send ETH from there. (In MetaMask, click Receive to see your Ethereum address, and then follow Coinbase’s steps to send ETH to that address.)

Step 4: Select ARA

Now we’ll convert some ETH to ARA. Click the Swap button, choose Select a token, and type ARA.
Below, MetaMask says: Verified on 3 sources. Always verify the token address on Etherscan. To do this, click the link, scroll down the Etherscan page to find where it says Contract, and make sure it matches this:
Contract: 0xa92e7c82b11d10716ab534051b271d2f6aef7df5

Step 5: Swap ETH to ARA

Enter the amount of ETH you want to convert, and MetaMask will check a variety of online sources to get you the most ARA with the lowest fees. Slide the slider to perform the swap. That’s it! MetaMask lists your ARA balance beneath your ETH balance.