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How to Get ARA

NFT auctions on Rad use Ethereum or ETH, a digital currency like Bitcoin. To receive your funds after an auction or sale, you'll have to make an Ethereum wallet.
What you'll need:
● A smartphone
● A sheet of paper and a pen
● About an hour with the room to yourself

Step 1: Get the MetaMask app

On your phone, go to From there, click to get MetaMask from your device’s app store. The app is free, and doesn’t require signing up or entering any personal information.

Step 2: Secure your wallet

MetaMask has options to load a wallet you’ve made before. If you’re new to crypto, choose Create a new wallet.
After choosing a password, grab a pen, a piece of paper, and get the room to yourself. MetaMask will lead you through steps to back up your Secret Recovery Phase. This is very important—if you lose your phone or it breaks, you’ll use these twelve words to recover your crypto.
They resemble a nuclear launch code from a Bond film. Here's an example:

Step 3: Get your Ethereum wallet address

In MetaMask, there's some letters and numbers in a light blue oval:
This is your Ethereum wallet address. Here's an example:
Anyone with this wallet address can see the balance of your account, and send tokens and NFTs to you. They cannot withdraw assets. Anyone with your Secret Recovery Phrase (Step 2) has full access to both receive and send assets.
Tap the blue oval to copy your wallet address. Never tell anyone your Secret Recovery Phrase.

Step 4: Buy ETH with debit, credit, or bank account

Click the buy button in metamask and follow the steps for your region. When you complete your purchase ETH will be transferred to your account.

Step 5: Convert ETH to Fiat (USD, EUR, etc) and get in your traditional bank account

So now you have ETH in MetaMask—but how do you change that to dollars in a regular bank account? To do that, you'll use a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, like Coinbase. Search your phone's app store for "Coinbase" or start at
Signing up for Coinbase is similar to opening a traditional bank account: they want your government ID, and connecting a bank account can take a few days.
Once set up, though, you can buy ETH with dollars, sell ETH to dollars, and move dollars between your Coinbase balance and your bank account.

Step 6: Get ARA

Rad is powered by Ara, a decentralized crypto project with it's own crypto token, $ARA. Instead of selling ETH to dollars, you can swap ETH to ARA, and back again.
In MetaMask, tap Swap, type "Ara", and you'll find it:
You can also manually add a token by searching for it's contract address.
ARA's Contract Address: 0xa92e7c82b11d10716ab534051b271d2f6aef7df5
Our complete guide is also available on Medium.